Competence centre for bending technology

Leading in profile/tube and stretch-bending!

Well-established bending processes used for manufacturing in the forming segment are outdated. At ASP AUTOMOTIVE, a DYNAMIC BENDING competence centre ensures that our bending processes are cutting edge! For this purpose, we develop our own bending processes in our centre and build highly specialized bending machines and tools. And we know exactly what is quintessential in bending procedures. The most important thing in bending technology is that solid or hollow workpieces (profiles) are formed with high precision.

And that this is performed with a degree of automation that catapults economic efficiency and value creation into interesting regions. Integrated process monitoring also plays its part in economic efficiency. Our DYNAMIC BENDING 'competence forge' also produces prototypes in the tool and machinery sector. We also run pre-series until they are ready for series production here. For this purpose, we work with innovative manufacturing processes such as stretch-bending technology, CNC 5-axis milling as well as robotic welding and milling technology.

Prototype construction

We deal with the production of items ranging from manual samples and prototypes to complex small series in our DYNAMIC BENDING competence centre. As our customer, you can rely on the extensive experience of our employees, who are used to working flexibly, quickly and extremely precisely - as one is accustomed to doing in the automotive sector. Our range of components includes structural and space frame components, complex stretch-bending profiles as well as bent parts.

We also undertake the processing of profiles, milling work (up to five axes and 4m table) and welding assemblies made of aluminium or steel. We can produce prototypes for you in the shortest possible time using our own machines and equipment developed for this purpose. Our competent specialists from ASP AUTOMOTIVE will gladly provide you with expert advice on the selection of materials and alloys.

Core competence in mechanical engineering and toolmaking

Our company has extensive experience in the field of general mechanical engineering and automation technology - an essential component in terms of cost-effectiveness and production efficiency.

We have developed into an internationally recognised problem solver for these specialist assignments thanks to our expertise and extensive experience in this segment.

CNC milling processing

Our modern machinery - especially our custom machines - and our large manufacturing depth allow us to respond to market developments quickly. An asset that pays off for our customers in the automotive sector.

We are able to seamlessly process workpieces of up to 4000 mm in size using multi-axis technology in the field of milling processing with CNC control.

Robotic technology for first-class welding and milling results

We rely on process automation in our DYNAMIC BENDING competence centre for robotic welding and milling technology. Full automation is the future in this segment and symbolises an incredible sense of progress and innovation.

Naturally, with complete automation we also ensure first-class welding and milling results with consistently high quality in the field of robotics. The team at ASP AUTOMOTIVE makes no compromises here either!


Selected references for stretch bending tools / bending tools:

  • BMW 3 series/Touring F31 – roof rail
  • Daimler A-Class X166/ W166-trims
  • VW Sharan trim package
  • VW Passat trim package
  • BMW Mini R60 trims
  • Opel Astra roof trim
  • GM-Alpha roof trim
  • GM- XTS
  • Thule roof rail
  • BMW 1 Series F20/F21 roof strip
  • Opel Zafira roof trim
  • BMW 3 Series/F30 roof trim
  • Ford B232 Fusion roof trim
  • Porsche Cayenne II trim package
  • Skoda Superb roof trim
  • Porsche Panamera structure profiles
  • Volvo Y555 trim
  • Aston Martin bumper VH500
  • Audi Q5 trim package
  • BMW 5 series/G30 trim package
  • BMW 5 series China/G38 trim package
  • VW Tiguan trim package
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