Engineering at inaro - by engineers for engineers

The term 'engineering' in principle relates to everything to do with technology, starting from the invention through to the design and construction and finally the maintenance. Its definitions are equally varied. Engineering as it's understood in the DACH region is dedicated to technical research and development, design and science-based production technology. At inaro, committed and competent specialists from the automotive industry support you in developing automated manufacturing cells, from the initial concept through to commissioning, and beyond. Our skilled and capable team of engineers is your reliable partner through method planning, design and construction, simulation as well as offline programming of the process planning, and will support you in achieving your corporate goals as well as helping you to tackle current and future challenges in the automotive industry efficiently.

Solve problems and create added value

Automated manufacturing cells can be tailored to increase manufacturing productivity and flexibility. Crucially important here are simple implementation and ease-of-use of the solution. Our aim is to offer our customers the added value of fully automated, interlinked production processes together with structured, automated communication, and develop an integrated system for them that comprehensively and completely meets their needs. We have the following service packages to choose from:

Service package 1:

  • Review, and where necessary modification, of the documentation and data prepared by the customer,
  • Technical feasibility analysis,
  • Method planning,
  • Simulation of the motion sequences, inclusive cycle time calculations,
  • Calculation of costs, production times and plant output.

Service package 2:

  • Design,
  • Development of control/electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic plans as well as SPS programs,
  • Project and deadline scheduling,
  • CE documentation,
  • Finding of potential suppliers, including auditing of third-party suppliers at the customer's request.

In addition to innovative solutions, we offer you qualified technical advice and expert support and care throughout all the phases of project development.

  • Review of the documentation and data submitted by the customer

    Design engineering (with detailed drafting, parts lists and replacement parts)

  • Any necessary updated to the documentation and data

    Control/electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic plans, SPS programs

  • Technical feasibility analysis


  • Method planning (including from target perspectives)

    CE documentation

  • Simulation (we simulate motion sequences, including cycle time calculations)

    Potential suppliers, with auditing of third-party suppliers at the customer's request (at cost)

  • Calculation of all costs, manufacturing times and plant output

    Monitoring and approval of the assembly, plus commissioning

  • Design engineering (with detailed drafting, parts lists and replacement parts)

  • Control/electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic plans, SPS programs

  • Project/schedule

  • CE documentation

  • Potential suppliers, with auditing of third-party suppliers at the customer's request (at cost)

  • Monitoring and approval of the assembly, plus commissioning

Tailored solutions for individual requirement

With our precision-designed individual solutions, and the intelligent and flexible robotic technology that goes with them, we guarantee that your production processes run efficiently and without disruption. Working alongside you, our skilled engineering and simulation teams develop a total concept that is tailored to your individual requirements and specifications. Using the latest software, we identify and alleviate cycle-time critical and qualitative issues. Key to our thinking is the functionality of your plant. Once they have developed the broad concept, our engineers work on constantly monitoring and refining this concept until we reach the optimal solution. To achieve the best possible results, our services encompass the complete spectrum of process management.

Method planning

There are several individual steps involved in developing and designing a manufacturing cell. As part of our method planning, we determine what work steps are needed, and the processes that go with them. It all starts with a process idea that progressively becomes a concrete part of the planning process in terms of feasibility, and is continually optimized with respect to profitability.


In many areas today, there is virtually no distinction between production-related design and prior development. Within product development, which goes from the initial idea through to the market launch of the product, both activities form one unit and, as well as proof of functionality such as calculations and results of experiments, also comprises manufacturing documents such as drawings of assemblies and individual parts, including materials, processing size and tolerance specifications. In addition to M3D design in Siemens NX, we create a production-ready 2D design and perform FEM calculations to predict the behavior and performance of the individual parts and components. Our risk assessment identifies all the hazards associated with the manufacturing cell. We then aim to minimize these until the residual risk is at least acceptable.


Companies such as inaro are increasingly using state-of-the-art simulation software which allow us to simulate all standard robot types, including 3D process validation and cycle time verification. Our digital prototypes 'grow' at the same time as the design, and also include all relevant mechanical, mechatronic and electrical data. Because we use the latest technology, we can do away with real prototypes, which saves us both time and money, and also enables us to shorten delivery times.

Offline programming

Online programming of industrial robots leads to long down times an do so financial losses. We use CAD systems to complete development and design tasks in the manufacturing cells, and program-control the machines. In offline programming, the robot program is not on the machine itself, but on another computer, and not transferred to the industry robots until after production. Only the fine-tuning is done on site. By creating production-ready signal, we facilitate communication between the station and the robots, and so make a considerable contribution to process security.

Process planning

In the context of process planning, we define and optimize processes and structures as the basis for efficient production processes. Our range of services in this area include the following:

  • Detailed planning,
  • Flow of material simulation,
  • Definition of the optimal production flow,
  • Production planning of assembly and body-in-white plants,
  • Database-supported processing and
  • 3D layouts.

To guarantee efficient production processes throughout the entire life cycle of your automated manufacturing cells, our engineers and technicians are always ready to listen to your specific individual requirements. Plus, our team's many years of experience and expertise, coupled with the latest knowledge from the fields of research and development, mean you get the best possible service across all areas.

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