Build and assembly - plants/manufacturing cells from the experts

To guarantee optimal build processes and on-time manufacture, we commission reliable inaro contractual partners across all the disciplines. If you wish, we can also consider other companies when we are appointed. To ensure compliance with stringent standards, however, we first audit and approve these companies.

Our services also include purchasing and project management in this area, as well as assembly, set-up, commissioning and preliminary acceptance with the customer at the inaro plant. Throughout the entire build and assembly processes, we repeatedly compare the current status against the milestones agreed with you, and advise you in good time and in detail about the next parts of the process.

Our engineers are constantly concerned to design the control of plant in such a way that it is easy to learn and operation is intuitive. Nevertheless, these are complex systems which operators first need to gain experience with. We train your employees at the inaro plant on the manufacturing cell itself, and ensure that they are able to operate the new plant safely and efficiently right from the outset.

Once we have put your manufacturing cell through its paces here, we dismantle it and deliver it your location for commissioning and final acceptance. We also place great emphasis on precise and seamless documentation of all the work completed.

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