Commissioning - inaro ensures the perfect start

Commissioning is the final step in delivering technical process plant such as automated manufacturing cells. The process is finished when all the parts of the plant are functioning perfectly, the test run has successfully been completed and the plant has been accepted. Successful commissioning is when the plant can be operated safely, plant availability has been demonstrated and the product can be manufactured in the required quantity and quality.

Preparing for commissioning

Once the assembly work is completed, we conduct a plant inspection to ensure there are no installation anomalies or assembly errors which have not been documented, to check whether there is any remaining installation work to be done or whether additional measures are needed to ensure the commissioning is failure-free. A safety, functionality and acceptance test also ensures that the manufacturing cell complies with all safety regulations and directives.

Plant start-up

Once readiness for operation has been established, the plant is started up in stages until continuous operation is achieved. 'Test operation' comprises the following steps:

  • Start-up (start of commissioning and product manufacturing),
  • Stabilization (achieve functioning, stable plant operation),
  • Ramp-up (until nominal load is reached),
  • Run-in (set all parameters, check product quality),
  • Shut-down (shut-down of the plant, preparation for any repairs),
  • Fault correction,
  • Restart,
  • Optimize the process parameters.

Our service additionally comprises the following:

  • Import the robot programs,
  • Support with achieving cycle time,
  • Measurement of the robots.

A performance run then provides the proof that the manufacturing cell we have designed will deliver its guaranteed performance. This is the case when the end product quantity and quality are in order, the volume of raw materials in relation to the end product is correct, the volume and quality of by-products and waste products are in order and energy consumption in continuous operation is within the prescribed parameters. If all these criteria are met, the manufacturing cell is considered to have been successfully commissioned. If there are cycle time problems or design challenges during ongoing operation, we support you in identifying a solution, and are of course able to help you with maintenance.

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