Credentials and expertise - our employees as the key to corporate success

Even though inaro is still in its infancy, you can expect an accumulation of experience that come from many years of working in the automotive supply industry. Our experts are 'old hands' who have already proven themselves on countless complex projects, making them some of the leading minds in the automotive sector. They bring outstanding credentials and excellent technical expertise to our young company which is all abut benefiting our customers.

We work with you to develop solution approaches that take one hundred per cent account of your specific needs - working as your partners and equals. Benefit from our expertise and skills of our highly qualified engineers and technicians who with inaro, will become some of the leading specialists in Europe.

Want to find out more about our credentials? Simply get in touch with us. We're happy to answer all your questions thoroughly and in detail.


  • BMW 3 series F31 - roof rail
  • Daimler A-Class X166/ W166 trims
  • VW Sharan trim package
  • VW Passat trim package
  • BMW Mini R60 trims
  • Opel Astra roof trim
  • GM-Alpha roof trim
  • GM-XTS
  • Thule roof rail
  • BMW 1 series F20/F21 roof trim
  • Opel Zafira roof trim
  • BMW 3 series/F30 roof trim
  • Ford B232 Fusion roof trim
  • Porsche Cayenne II trim package
  • Skoda Superb roof trim
  • Porsche Panamera structure profiles
  • Volvo Y555 trim
  • Aston Martin bumper VH500
  • Audi Q5 trim package
  • BMW 5 series/G30 trim package
  • BMW 5 series China/G38 trim package
  • VW Tiguan trim package
  • Audi AU 492 – A4 trim package
  • Audi AU 736 – Q7 trim package
  • Audi AU 375 – A3 trim package
  • DAG BR 222 (S-Class) – trim package
  • BMW F07 , F36, F06 – trim package
  • Ford C390 / 391 – roof rail
  • Ford BR 299 – structure
  • GM C1 TL – roof rail
  • Mazda J79 – roof rail
  • Rolls Royce R.04, R.05, R.06 – trim package
  • VW / Seat 276/216 – roof rail
  • Aston Martin 534 – trim package


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